Monday, March 26, 2012

Day One

Today was a pretty good day. We started out today going to a village about 20-30 minutes away called Onaville and had a vision clinic. We had the Hatians get a small interview and asked about God, and then had them check if they had trouble seeing at distances or close up.

If they had trouble seeing close up they came over to my station where we had different strengths of readers ranging from +1.00 to +3.00. Depending on how good they could see we gave them the correct prescription. We had a few of them, who were checked, and didn't need glasses, and then came back after a little while saying "check me again" and the first pair they tried it was perfect. (they just wanted to show others that they got something new).

If they needed distance glasses than the process was a bit more complicated, they tested each eye at a distance, then recorded the correction needed. Then, from that information, they would select the correct strength of lenses for each eye, and then put it in a generic Harry Potter looking frames and give them to the person. One woman, when examined, was written down that she had 20/500 vision which is nearly all blind. They put the correct lenses near her eyes (+8.00) and asked if it was clear. She said no, and they tried the next notch down (+5.00) After she said it was still blurry, they tried the plastic no prescription lense and she all of the sudden could see better than ever! We let her have her excitement of "new glasses" and let her go.

After our long vision clinic, we all came back to the compound and chilled for a while. My mom gave me a short tour of the grounds, and then we had a good dinner of "stir fry" chicken over rice.(Stir fry is "" because it was chicken teriyaki long cooked in a pot) My mom made homemade fresh bread and chocolate cake to go with the meal. It was delishoush!

Tomorrow, we are going to help build the outdoor kitchen and maybe get some painting done as well.

Updates daily hopefully!

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