Friday, August 19, 2011

the advemtures comtinue...

i apologize preumptively for any gramatical or spelling mistakes in this post i am having to type this all on my kindles little micro keyboard. the interent here is by satellite so its a bit sketvhy. anywho...sadly i did not get to climb the mountain. my alarms battery died in the nightt and no one bothered to wake me up. oh well. after the rest of the group got back,we ate a scrumptuous leftover lunch and then very excitedly jumped in the bus to the beach. it was awesome. just as awesome as last week when i went there :) swimmming in the caribbean...relaxing on the white sand beach...eating delicious pepper steak yumm!it was a blast. in the morning it was sadly time for the group from michigan to go...i really felt like i had bonded with some of them. before drpping them off a the airport though...we took a small tour of port au prince...we saw the completely destroyed palace, the waste of money monument and stopped by a small orphanage. after dropping them off...the rest of the day was pretty relaxing...thursday wasnt all that excting either...but tomorrrow my momma comes!our last week in haiti will be relatively calm...but on monday a shipment from the navy comes in with 5 truckloads of food!! i will probably only post once or twice more as not much will happen but if something does happen ill keep ya posted!

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