Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2


The day was started by waking at around 5:30 to take the Nursing students from Kentucky back to the airport to go home. After dropping them off at the airport, Myself, Donald, and Adrian headed off to MegaMart to do some shopping before the next group came in. We got loads of bread, lots of milk and a bunch of cereal. As well as lots of meat and "cinc" bags of ice.(5) On our way back to the mission in the awesome mini school bus, we saw a group of German missionaries on the side of a very dangerous dirt road with a broken down rental van. Turns out that the battery was dead, so we along with some Haitians pushed the van to get it started. we followed them back to there tent city where they were working and tried to help with there van situation. we finally made it back to the mission after buying a couple Cokes from some street vendors. We unloaded the groceries...and I passed out around 7:00. Fun Fun FUN!

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