Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 1


Well, the adventure has started...I am in Haiti!!! The trip down was the understatement of the year "interesting". During our flight from Newark NJ to Port-au-Prince Haiti, a passenger became ill and was in need of medical attention. "Is there any medical professional on board?", was what we heard over the intercom from of the "flight attendants" (PC). Luckily, there was a doctor on board, and she did seem like she knew what she was doing. They used some of the planes extra oxygen to help the woman, and due to that, we had to stop in the DR(Dominican Republic)to re-fuel and get more oxygen, because the PAP Airport doesn't have any. After about 45 minutes on the ground in the DR, a man became impatient and unruly. He started cursing and yelling constantly. Insisting that he paid his ****ing money just to go ****ing home and not to stop in the ****ing DR. Well...the captain of our plane was very patient and gave the man multiple chances to calm down and act civilized. He didn't. After about another 20 minutes of his kicking and screaming, and being rude and threatening the other passengers and flight attendants, some DR policeman came and extracted the man from his seat quickly and safely. Finally the ordeal was over and we got to head off for Haiti! We touched down at the PAP airport and went through immigration and customs without a hitch. It took a little while for me to get to Lifeline, but now I'm here and safe and having the time of my life!

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