Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 3

I awoke early and updated this blog...i guess i will just update for the previous day or whatever. SO THEN. We picked up a new group at the airport from Michigan. Most of the group had been here 2 years prior, but not since the earthquake, so everything is a lot different. They were all very excited that they are in there regular time zone. (technically, Haiti is in EST...with NY and whatnot, however, they do not practice daylight savings...which means half of the year, they are with EST and half of the year they are with central time...) Anyway, we were a little late picking them up, but they had, that morning, found out there flights to Ft. Lauderdale had been cancelled. So they had to make last-minute flight plans down to Florida. Because of all the confusion and quickness of the booking...theire luggage did not arrive with them...we are going to see if it arrived today...(hopefully...its always good to have a second pair of clothes). The rest of the night was pretty quiet...the cooks did not make everyone we had PB&J and ham sandwiches for dinner. Yummm...but they were grateful to get any food. OH i forgot that on the way back from the airport...our bus was having major issues. It would kick in and out and when i kicked out he would be flooring it and we would not go fast than 25 mph...we stopped about every 5 minutes or so to make it home. but we made it!!! Off for another day of adventures. So far today the new group has had their first devotional time up at the prayer rock, and are currently taking a tour of the mission and going out into the village to greet the village children. When they see the white people coming, they run and yell "blah...blah" which means "white" in creole. They sure do win your heart over! Especially the little orphan boy(Jean Fritz) that Lifeline picked up a month ago. His parents were killed of Cholera, he was malnourished and nearly starved to death. Now he is healthy happy and lvoing all the attention he gets! I will day though...he is a wee bit spoiled!!!

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  1. awesome to hear about your trip so far! sounds like you had an, er, interesting trip down (especially the lovely gentleman who kindly displayed his knowledge of colorful language on the plane)...but an amazing time now that you're there! I can't wait 'til Spring break!! mostly looking forward to getting to know the kids :)7...more...months...