Monday, August 15, 2011


Sorry it has taken me this long to post. We have been very busy and when I do get the chance I'm so very tired and just sleep. So before Donald(the pres. of Lifeline) left early Sunday morning...the day before we went to help a gentleman who was building a new home for himself. we carried all the cinder blocks from across the street and helped sift through the sand to make cement with. As this was happening, Donald disappeared and we heard screaming. He had just delivered a baby with Celisa. (She is working with Lifeline through November when she will be heading to college) We were all so eager to see and hold the 3 minute old child. The parents were so grateful of Donald and Celisa's help, that they named their newborn baby boy, Don Celisa. It was such an amazing thing to witness. The next day(Sat. I think?) We went to quickly stop by Lifeline's other property in Barbencourt, and we got to check out a Voodoo house that was nearby. It was somewhat creepy and a really interesting experience.  There was drawings of sacrifices on the walls, and a recent ritual was done in the dirt and everyone was afraid to accidentally step on it. We then made our way back to the Lifeline Campus. Sunday was exciting and interesting. Church was interesting, and we couldn't understand most of the songs they were singing, luckily, however, there was a translator for the message. After church was supposed to be our tour of Port-au-Prince, but unfortunately the bus broke down on the way there, and we decided it better to head back now rather than try and keep going. Today was a great and heart wrenching experience. After morning devotions with the Michigan group, we loaded up the bus with things to give away, and headed out for the home village of Celisa. Once there we unloaded all of our stuff and set up a table full of items to be given away. It started nice and calm, with all of the adults and children being patient, but when they saw that being patient may mean not getting anything, they all became a little more "assertive" in getting free things. Every one of those people needed anything they could get, and all they wanted was even one thing that they could call there own. even just another shirt so they didn't have to wear the same shirt again. It was very sad and disheartening to see the people who didn't receive anything because we ran out. After that we headed back to grab some lunch, again after lunch we headed out yet again, but this time to go to the orphanage in Barbencourt to hand out stuffed animals. When we finally made it home after a long day, we all relaxed, showered, relaxed some more...showered again...and then supper time! Macaroni with meat sauce, corn, mango, and garlic bread...yummmm!!! And is 10:48...and i must get up at 4:15 to prepare to climb the mountain behind the mission to visit the village at the top. But...once we get back...we eat lunch then head for the beach! swimming in the Caribbean...relaxing in the sun...and delicious surf and turf with fruit champagne...the sweetest most mixed feelings drink I've ever had!

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